Fabric Cell Radius Elite Saddle (grøn)

Fabrikant: Fabric
Varenummer: FP3016U30OS
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Kr. 599,50 Kr. 359,50


Fabric Cell Radius Elite Saddle. Lækker sadel til let oprejst stilling og kørsel. 155 mm bredde, 355 gram. The Cell saddle from Fabric has comfort at its core. Compressible pyramid cells, similar to those found in high-end running shoes, are at the center of its three-piece design. Typical saddles have a layer of soft foam that provide comfort, but under pressure foam becomes harder and less comfortable. With the Cell, air flows continuously throughout the core providing more comfort and stability where it's needed most, even over the roughest terrain. The Fabric Cell saddle delivers comfort from its shape, as well as its core. Derived from our award-winning Scoop Radius saddle, the dropped nose doesn’t snag on your shorts and the curved profile is designed to offer maximum support. A more rounded profile and increased padding supports a riding style that places more weight directly on the saddle. Our Unique, air-sprung design provides unrivalled comfort from a core of collapsible pyramid cells. An air tight seal stops the saddle compressing completely meaning you won’t experience pressure points as you would with traditional saddles.
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